About Publishing New API

The new API that is available inside O2 is going to be released soon!

At the time, you will retrieve the data from the two data sources, JAXA Earth API and NASA NEO. You will be notified via email and the blog article will be posted when it becomes public. The new blog post will contain the details of the API and a link to help. Plus, the two formats, geojson and csv, will be available when you request the data to the API. Using Python (pandas and geopandas), it will be easy to directly read the data from the urls.

In O2, you can use the data in two ways, Point (geojson has two properties, latitude and longitude ) and Polygon as you can click both of them on this map (the land surface temperature on January around Japan).

The data comes from JAXA Earth API, and the map was created using O2 to visualize this data.

You can create an account directly on O2 to access the data and visualizations.