Spatial data and maps for everyone

Your idea and data create new value

Data, GIS, and Analysis – all in one place

O2 brings various data to be your insight, a nice GIS to be your visualization, and an easy analytic tool to be your power – everything into one place.


We believe that data is the most important key to drive and accelerate your business growth. The more data, the deeper knowledge of the environment is built. Our dataset, including satellite data, will provide you with the further assistance for your business growth.


O2 provides you with a simple GIS tool for your big data visualization. To extract insight from your data, you do not need to prepare any environment except browsers. Plus, your smoothly visualized data will be going to public and sharable to others!


Do you want to reveal insight with your analysis? Then, some additional work of data handing will be necessary. On O2, you can use Jupyter Lite, a powerful-but-local python tool. It helps you to manage data, estimate values and draw charts!

Why O2?

Easy to create & publish map

If you conduct surveys related to regions and show results on the Web, the process of adding geological information into your data and putting it into the map is considered to be consuming your time. This workload should be decreased for all the person who wants to extract insight from valuable data.

O2 supports you to visualize and analyze and your data. You would merge your data with our various data which contains geometry and visualize it on the map. Then, you are easy to create a sharable link to your map. These are completed with a few click, and you could put your precious time to the part of your analysis in which values help your business growth.

Plus, this process can be completed only with your browser!

Example of a Shared Map

Japan Seasurface Temperature (Nov, 2023)


We are ready to help you

Otani & Co., Inc. provides you with a consulting service for the development of software in which statistical methods and data are used. If you are interested in advanced usage of O2 and its dataset, feel free to contact to us.