Sea Surface Temperature around Japan (Jan – Apr 2023)

This map shows the sea surface temperature around Japan from January to April 2023.

SST around Japan

The mean and standard deviation, along with other statistics, show slight changes over time. However, the map and its legend reveal a more significant shift: the area with sea surface temperatures (SST) exceeding 25 degrees Celsius has been expanding. Counting the number of points with SST above 25 degrees Celsius highlighted this difference; points observed in April were four times the number of those in March. In contrast, the number of points with SST below 10 degrees Celsius has remained stable for four months. These contrasting trends in high and low temperature points motivate depicting histograms to visualize the data distribution.

MonthAbove 25 (C) Below 10 (C)
The Number of Points Observing Extreme Values

The data used comes from SST and SST Anomaly, NOAA Global Coral Bleaching Monitoring, 5km, V.3.1, Monthly, 1985-Present. This map is created with O2 where you can load the various satellite data. This sea surface temperature data will be available soon on O2.

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