Exciting New Features for Shared Maps!

We’re thrilled to announce significant updates to our shared map functionality! These enhancements provide greater control over data selection, improved visualization of location information, and convenient download capabilities.

Enhanced Data Selection:

Previously, viewing your entire dataset at once on the map wasn’t possible. This update empowers you to select specific data points for display. You can choose to display a single data point, multiple points, or your entire dataset. Simply click the eye icon next to the desired data points to make your selection.

Clearer Location Data Visualization:

Previously, even if latitude and longitude data existed within your dataset, it wasn’t readily viewable as a grid. We’ve addressed this issue! For CSV map data formats that include latitude and longitude columns, these coordinates will now be displayed directly within the grid. For GeoJSON data formats, a dedicated column named “_geojson” will be added to the grid. This column stores GeoJSON features as strings within each row.

Streamlined Data Download:

The most significant update is the introduction of a dedicated data download button. Clicking this button initiates the process of downloading all data utilized within the map. The downloaded file format will be CSV with UTF-8 encoding.


To help you explore these new features, we’ve created a helpful video tutorial available on YouTube.

Additionally, below is an example of a shared map showcasing wineries in Waiheke Island, New Zealand (courtesy of Open Street Map) alongside daily land surface temperature data (courtesy of JAXA) for March (Please note that the unit for the temperature is not Celsius but Kelvin).

We believe these updates will significantly enhance your shared map experience!